Festive Cocktail Time, with drinks virtuoso Thomas Aske

In the lead up to Christmas and New Years’ Eve, we thought we would tap into the mind of our go-to drinks virtuoso and get the skinny on what should be your tipple of choice during the yuletide end to the year. Thomas Aske of Fluid Movement kindly shared some of his festive favourites with us. Thomas has been the mastermind behind creating some fantastic fusions for bars all over the planet. If that’s not enough, he along with his partner in crime, Tristan Stephenson, run a cocktail bar, a restaurant, keynote at industry events, train the next gen of cocktail enthusiasts and consult on new openings. We are chuffed to have grabbed some of his time.

1691 | Worship Street Whistling Shop
The inclusion of glass cheese distilled Ketel One in this cocktail lends a heavy, buttery mouthfeel that is accompanied by the warmth of spiced raspberry shrub and honeyed Grand Marnier reduction. It contains all of the typical festive flavours with just the right amount of innovation to present a light delicate twist on the vodka sour.

www.whistlingshop.com   @whistlingshop

Brandy Crusta | Boundary
This 19th Century classic has been documented by a variety of noted writers including the infamous Professor Jerry Thomas. The brandy crusta was a staple of the late 19th century and early 20th drinking scene managing to find its way on to a selection of men u’s across the globe.

www.boundary.london   @boundaryLDN

The Moorland Sour | Albion, Bankside
The English Whisky Company Peated is turned into a twist on the classic sour with a hint of locally produced apricot wine – perfect for highlighting the subtle peat smoked aroma of the whisky. To compliment this we also add a couple of drops of linseed oild as an aromatic which compliments the freshness of sliced celery. This contains all of the traditional British aromatics such as smoke and dried fruit that we naturally associate with the festive season.

www.albiongrill.co.uk   @albionLDN

Fast money comes at a dangerous price | The Artesian
Voted the worlds best bar four years in a row for a reason. This drink contains all of the aromatics that will lift your day and considering the bars location it is the perfect place to drop by mid festive shop for a drink. Johnnie Walker Gold label combines perfectly chamomile, vetiver, sandalwood and the ever so on-trend Kombucha.

www.artesian-bar.co.uk   @langham_london

Dry Martini | The Connaught
Pure decadence awaits at the Connaught Bar where they serve arguably the best dry Martini in London. Prepared at the table by Ago Perrone, this perfectly chilled and diluted Martini will start the evening the way it should be and will remove any tension from the bustling streets.

www.the-connaught.co.uk   @theconnaught

Thomas Aske
Fluid Movement


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