English Provender Company

One only has to take a glance outside to see that there is no doubt that winter has well and truly arrived. I personally don’t need a reason to indulge my love for cheese but I used the dark evenings drawing in; the excuse to be indoors in the warmth with friends and family to try the English Provender Company chutney range.

Priding themselves on creating mouth-watering recipes which are contemporary yet inspired by classic recipes; the chutneys taste fresh, flavoursome and delicious. Their chutney range includes Caramelised Red Onion, Sweet Tomato and Chilli, Plum and Bramley Apple, Apple, Pear and Fig, Moroccan Spiced and Hot Chilli and Red Pepper. After one mouthful it is clear that these chutneys are delicious on their own, and would be with your favourite selections of cheeses, or in sandwiches or with cold cuts of meat.

We sampled three chutneys – Caramelised Red Onion, Plum and Apple and Hot Chilli and Red Pepper – and were amazed by the clarity of flavours. Each chutney couples well with a myriad of different ingredients, take for the example the award winning signature Red Onion which is versatile enough to be a strong accompaniment to not just cheese but quiches, sandwiches and scotch eggs to name but a few options. The Plum and Apple was naturally sweet embodying seasonal fruit tastes. This would be thoroughly enjoyable to any fan of autumnal fruits and for me the added hint of spices elevated this to a stand out product. I shall enjoy this chutney all year round. It was however, the Hot Chilli and Red Pepper chutney that was crowned number one – evident in every spread was the depth and slow-cooked richness of the Pepper underpinned by the heat from two types of chilli.

The English Provender Company chutneys provided a wonderful accompaniment to the range of cheeses we chose for our cheeseboard including stilton, cheddar, goat cheese and brie. Every home’s kitchen cupboard/fridge should have a bottle or even three of these delicious, rich and ‘moreish’ chutneys. I have two so far and counting! There is a chutney for every taste bud – stock up now and delight in the unctuous flavours. The choice is yours; with recipes aplenty to be enhanced with a dollop of chutney otherwise simply enjoy alone or with family and friends with a wedge of your favourite cheese.



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