Ed’s Diner, Islington – Ok, if there is no other Burger dining option

Ed’s Diner have been doing burgers way back before the burger revolution started. From 1987 to be exact. Before gourmet and experimental burgers took up shop on every high street and in every shopping centre, down on a Soho corner there was Ed’s. Years have passed since I thought about Ed’s Diner. I have moved further East, work in East, socialise mostly in East, so Soho is a casual destination for me. In fact this is even more the case with the disappearance of Cafe Boheme and its neighbour which is currently going under some serious renovations to become something else.

I had a burger at Ed’s Diner back in the day and the memory has faded which perhaps means it wasn’t that good. When this shiny new diner popped up in one of my favourite local shopping spots in Islington, it was worthy of a visit. Especially with my love of burgers.


As a diner, it has all you would expect, leather (well they appear so) booths, primary bright colours of red and blue, a jukebox blasting out Buddy Holly and paraphernalia from the 1950’s dotted around the place. Note there are no roller-skates though, which is probably for health & safety reasons.

For the food and drink, of course you have your burgers, hotdogs and shakes. The three staple elements of proper American diner dining. As I was with a vegetarian, I had the burger with cheese and she had the onion rings with a selection of dips. It was a light lunch without the trimmings as we intended to continue shopping and also had a big dinner date later. The food was ok. There was nothing to shout about. In an era where burgers, coffee and soon Ghanian food demand your attention and respect, you really have to step up. I fear that whilst Ed’s diner aesthetically presents the perfect place to you have your burger, unfortunately it does not present even near the perfect burger.

Eds Diner
Unit R7 Angel Central
N1 0PS
@edseasydiner (insta)

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