Edgars, Broadway Market

Sometimes you hit that spot which is simple and unpretentious. A no nonsense place where the effort is reserved for making good simple food. No flashy interiors, designer furniture, finely tuned service, just an orchestra of laid back goodness. Edgars is that spot. On the supremely trendy Broadway Market, this old former pub has carved a simple foodie haven out of itself. A solid selection of healthy drinks, meat free dishes interesting enough to entice the most aggressive carnivore and minimal damage to your pocket. As you would expect the clientele are a mixture of tourists drawn to the ‘hip East’ and the local residing bona¬† fide hipsters. This does not impact your experience if you do not fit one of those categories, as everything keeps themselves to themselves.
We sat at a table with mix matched chairs. The set up is simple. You have a table number, you go to the bar, order your drinks and food then pay. You even get a glimpse in what appears on the surface to be a chaotic kitchen, but trust me, these kids in their know what they are doing. The menu flows from full, veg and vegan breakfast to full, veg and vegan burgers. Small plates of items such as calamari and meatballs can be made up into a mini banquet for a group of friends. What really blew me away were the salad options. Now at the best of times these can really be boring, but these were so tasty and filling.

My guest had the heritage tomatoes which is seriously in season with red onions, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It sounds like next to nothing, but trust me, it was a good lunch time portion and was the freshest thing she had ever tasted. Over to mine with a bit of tuna, avocado, cucumber, red onion, sweet corn, lemon juice, olives and coriander – yes please! I honestly thought it would not fill me up, or I would need a hearty meal later in the day. You will be surprised to know that I did not eat anything else until the following day.

Edgars is a bar in the evening with a decent selection of cocktails, but by day, food is where it’s at and highly recommend that you get down there. It is especially a god send if you are a vegetarian or vegan looking for good tasting food without the hefty price tag.

Edgar’s Bar
30 – 32 Broadway Market
London E8


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