Eatfirst, Home Delivery

There is no shortage of ways to get your food home. From getting your weekly shop at the local supermarket, to them delivering it to your door for you. From services who pick up food from a selection of restaurants offering various cuisines, to ingredient kits being delivered so you can knock up a tried and tested recipe. Enter Eatfirst, bringing something new to the sector. Choose from a selection of dishes which have been lovingly made in an East London kitchen, which are then delivered to you to pop in the oven. Dinner is served.

I was offered an opportunity to review their services as they work to grow their community. It is an interesting concept to have your dinner delivered to your door, to then warm up and serve. It certainly helps with cutting corners on those lazy evenings. I ordered from their menu which as a trialist appears to be online, however they do have an app you can download. The selection of dishes available are minimal, but this makes sense as it is better to do a few things really well, than spread yourself thinly with loads of items which are then mediocre. Also, from a cost point of view, I imagine they don’t want a load of stock sitting there as wastage because they cannot shift it.

The menu is well laid out with an ingredient breakdown and a little bit on its health benefits. The shots of the dishes look ok too, if not a little clinical and staged. I opted for the herb roasted chicken with some grilled vegetables. As a side, I ordered the mozzarella salad with tomatoes and rocket. The wait was just under an hour, but they were transparent about that so we knew what to expect.

On arrival, it was presented in a large branded bag with post cards explaining each dish and that they were created by Chef Benn Hodges and Chef Fanny Herpin. A nice personal touch. I also liked the intro note. All were in an envelope with my name on it :). My only feedback about the collateral would be the complete waste of space on the reverse side of the postcards. My suggestion would be to promote¬†other dishes on there, with a simple message ‘You may like to try this’, or ‘include this on your next order’. Additional marketing to encourage repeat custom missed there….

The food was simple to prepare with the Chicken and its accompaniments going in the oven for 19 minutes. Surprisingly, the chicken was still very moist to the taste and the seasoning was spot on. The selection of veg of carrots, courgettes and potatoes were lush actually. For the side salad, the Mozzarella was huge! Creamy and intense. Just the right amount of rocket with tomatoes bursting with flavour. It came with a portion of focaccia which I am told was nice (I steer clear of bread).

As a foodie who cooks 90% of the time, it would be very few and far between for me to order from Eatfirst. This is not because they are not very good, I just know I would rather make my own fresh food. I see cooking as therapeutic, chatting to friends, having a glass of wine while you create. That said, for those who are not a whizz in the kitchen or with little time on their hands in the evening, the food is good, it’s reasonably priced and the outcome is very close to a home-cooked vibe.



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