Easy Chilli Tuna and Bean Salad

Lunch can be expensive and a mission deciding what you fancy. Having a break from my usual protein shake routine, I decided to plan ahead with what I was going to have. It is tempting to do Pret, Itsu, Pod and all the usual office quick stops, but sometimes there is a saving to be made AND it can be healthier.

A quick trip to Tesco provided John West’s gorgeous infusions range, chilli and garlic tuna. A packet of mixed salad leaves and pick box mixed beans later, you have the makings of a tasty salad. I also opted for some leftover avocado and a “healthy living” honey and mustard dressing. Dressing is optional, you can just as easily put a bit of virgin olive oil with rough sea salt. Essentially just layer it all in a bowl according to your preference.

The finished product was tasty. It totalled out at no more than £4 for my lunch. See, bargain! What does tomorrow have in store? If the ease of the lunch stops doesn’t attract me, I may well knock up something tomorrow too.

TIP: The John West Infusions range also has salmon teriyaki, tuna chipotle, tuna lemon & thyme, tuna tangy jalapeño and tuna basil.





For some reason the pick box range is not on the site.


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