Do Valentines with a difference

Fed up with the usual stereotypical romantic dinner for two and a movie for your Valentines? Us too! Check out our top 5 alternatives for the more adventurous of amours;

Indoor rock climbing. Now wait a minute, I know this sounds a little extreme but it’s a great way of levelling the playing field if you’re both novices and it eliminates the dilemma of wardrobe planning. And, for those who like to try before you buy, you get to check out your dates muscles flexing on the ascent. Try The Castle in North London where you can book either a taster session or private tuition.

London Ribs are the one of the most thrilling ways to see the city. Packed with adrenaline and history this will certainly be a date to remember. Even if you think you know the city like the back of your hand, seeing it from the river adds a completely different perspective. Just remember to hold on tight!

Chivalry is very much alive in old London town at the Medieval Banquet. Treat your lady or squire to an interactive 4 course feast with unlimited ale and mead whilst jesters jape and knights demonstrate their sword wielding gallantry in the vaults of the Grade 2 listed Ivory House at St Katherines Dock. Costume hire and lessons in traditional dance and sword fighting techniques are available when booked in advance and this experience is suitable for both couples or groups.

For the more intellectual of lovers out there (or those who aren’t available on the 14th February itself.) try the Valentines Safari at the Natural History Museum on Monday 16th February. Discover the mating and courting rituals of the animal kingdom with scientists guiding you on a somewhat bizarre tour of passion and romance of aquatic and airborne creatures. Just make sure you’re date isn’t squeamish about insects . . .

For you hardcore romantics out there here’s an alternative that still includes the all the classic valentines ingredients; champagne, candlelight, flowers and chocolates. The difference here is that you’ll be making confectionery together in an indulgent chocolate workshop, decorating your masterpieces with crystalised rose petals whilst quaffing champers by candlelight and feeding each other chocolate fondue strawberries. If that’s still not lovey dovey enough you get to take your creations home in a goody bag to enjoy at your leisure. Ah, swoon! By Pollie.



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