Desengano 13, Madrid

This is one of those places which reminds me of Shoreditch. It’s that kind of cool which is familiar to me living in the area. So going all the way to Madrid to experience it is interesting. D13 appeared on a list of must go to places. It is quirky and just a block from Gan Via, but in a suitably quiet street that the flock of tourists won’t follow you.
Firstly, the menus are cool. Large, with animal illustrations on which we used in our pics and they looked great. An instagramers heaven. D13 is quiet at 12pm, because the Spanish eat later. So it was just us and another table who got to try this ‘trendy’ spot. It has minimal design. An almost raw, ceviche, healthy type of menu. Of course, there were some traditional hearty dishes on the menu, but it could certainly work for a vegan. I guess they are trying to balance the flow of the Spanish and tourism.
Honestly, I was not sure what to make of the menu. And in all honesty, for the short time I was here, there would have probably been dining experiences I would have enjoyed more. That is not to say I did not like the food, it was just different but familiar. I am probably not getting my point across, I guess it just felt like this was not a comfortable fit for Madrid. Maybe I had not had a chance to investigate this whole new genre of dining in the Spanish big smoke. I know it’s not all about Spanish, we dined at Benares (Indian), the night before, but it felt out of place for me non-the-less.
The menu did flow in terms of starter, main course etc, it was a case of just ordering a selection of what you fancied. We went for a dish of mozzarella, smoked veg and jerek vinaigrette. There was also quinoa with vegetables, lima juice and nuts. We had the more traditional feeling scrambled eggs with Iberican ham, potatoes and truffle. The final dish which took a while to arrive was the mushroom and asparagus ceviche. What is weird for me in this situation is that this was raw. So it took the least amount of time to prepare, so why were we left waiting for it to arrive once we had cleared all of the other dishes. Strange.

Desengano 13 is not a bad place. The food is generally ok. It just reminds me too much of so many places around East London trying to tap into cool. Get the product right and you don’t need it. Personally, I would not return, simply because there is so much more to Madrid and it did not make me go WOW to the point of wanting to come back again and again. It was just ok to tick off my list because it appeared on some various guides.

Desengano 13
Calle del Desengano 13
28004 Madrid


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