This hotel has a whole lot of history. Five star luxury standing tall and proud in Gracia. Way back when, this building started its life off as the Cotton Textile, apparently an important city landmark from the 19th century. Fast forward a lot of years and in January 2015, Cotton House Hotel debuted as the prettiest belle of the ball in the area. With most of original elements of the building retained, an acclaimed interior designer created a venue which pays respect to its history, but taps into the functionality that a hotel needs. Having worked in hotels for years, I know how much pretty does not necessary equal practicality, but they get it totally right here.
I didn’t stay in the hotel on this occasion, but courtesy of the delightful local Danielle, it was on the list as a place to visit for drinks. We rocked up to the bar and were mesmerized by all of the interesting spaces that make up this gorgeous spot. A delightful barmy terrace with palm trees, a cocktail bar with a team demonstrating impeccable knowledge and a restaurant with enticing aromas inviting you to eat. We had sushi as a plan, so we had to stick to a cocktail. I decided to sit at the bar as there is nothing better than watching a really good bartender create a concoction. The sheer commitment, the artistry,the passion – in the right place, it really sets the tone for the evening.
I kept it simple and classic with a dirty martini. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you will know I am not about fruit, groups of ingredients or pretentious creations, I like it when someone is able to do the basics, well. Trust me, on occasion folk have been known to get it wrong. My guest however wanted something a little more flamboyant and went for a tall cocktail of Ocho Rios, appleton 12, almond liqueur, passion fruit pulp and syrup, orange and citrus bitters. The cocktail collection are great and the ones that we tasted were amazing.

Cotton House Hotel
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 670

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August 17, 2017