Cote, Marylebone

Cote, is a favourite brand of mine. Simple French food influenced by the bistros in Paris. Whilst attending an outdoor stage production at nearby Hyde Park, it seemed fitting that I would pick Cote having had previous good experiences. Marylebone is a little bit of a snazzy area with some affluent types, cool cafes and independent shops. It has a village feel to it in fact, not giving you the impression at all that it is next to the ridiculously busy A501/Marylebone Road and Oxford Street. It is indeed a haven of a slower place in the middle of the madness.

What can I say about the food. It is not about to win awards to be honest, but it certainly can sustain itself as a brand as it consistently provides good food no matter where you go; and I have been to three now. This goes against the High St rule of losing quality when numbers increase.

The interior is as you would expect a French style brasserie to be. Without getting into detail about it, it just gives you what you need which is comfort and good lighting for pics. The service style was professional and quick. We were worried we would not get to the amphitheatre in time, but everything slotted into place.

We started with a goats cheese salad and a crab mayonnaise terrine with French bread. Both solid choices for starter, good portion size, tasty and with enough room to tackle a main. I had the chargrilled butterfly chicken with fries and a side of garlic butter. Big time yum for the chicken and the fries. The garlic butter was a little tough though. Sam Vanilla had the half corn fed chicken with wild mushroom sauce of creme fraiche and thyme. She looked chuffed and an empty placed sealed the deal that it was enjoyed.

I do not get to Marylebone that often, but luckily for me, Cote seems to be everywhere so I know I can get my no-nonsense French brasserie fix whenever I need it.

Cote Brasserie
27 Devonshire Street
London W1 6PL




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