Cook: One wok Chinese stir fry chicken

Cooking does not have to be a chore. Especially if you really don’t feel like slaving over the cooker after a long day at work. It is easy to knock up some treats with a wee bit of help from your local store.

On my way home work I popped into Tesco and bought myself chicken breast, one red chilli, a green pepper, garlic, onions and mushrooms. I also picked up their own brand Chinese stir fry sauce which is part of a range that also includes katsu curry, hoisin, Sweet chilli and teriyaki options. Little packets of tastiness. I opted for their rice noodles, as I prefer mine quite light.


First up is your simple prep. Cube up the chicken breasts and season with salt and pepper. Chop up your green peppers, garlic, chilli, onion and mushrooms. I am no expert at portion control, you can kind of gage how much you will need for one or two people. Anything leftover can be popped in a plastic container and used for lunch the next day.


Heat up some oil in a wok, I use olive, but you can use sunflower if you desire. Throw in the chicken pieces and seal all sides (on a low heat), then add the green peppers, onion, mushroom and chilli. I tend to put it all in together. I used a garlic crusher, so as that makes it very small so that is one of the last things I put in before the sauce and rice noodles.

Turn up the heat a bit and mix all the ingredients in together with a wooden spoon. Add the crushed garlic. I tend to squeeze the chicken against the wok to ensure it is taking the heat and being cooked through. The whole process, for me, took around 15-20 minutes for everything to sweat and cook. Add more salt or pepper if required. The sauce and rice add an extra 5 minutes to the cooking time, so should be added only once the chicken and the ingredients are cooked.


When ready, add in the sauce. I like mine quite dry, so I do not pile it in. Mix it all up so all the ingredients are covered and let it sizzle for a couple of minutes. Finally, add in the rice noodles and mix it all up again, making sure the chicken and ingredients are evenly spread amongst the noodles and sauce.

This whole dish from prep to serve took me around half an hour. Simple ingredients, quick cooking, tasty dish. What more could you want?



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