Comptoir Darna, Marrakech – A night of belly dancers and amazing food

During my recent visit to Marrakech, I had the pleasure of having two fantastic dining experiences. Comptoir Darna was one of them. This is one of the more upmarket restaurants with a mix of upper class locals and travellers breaking the budget. The decor is opulent, exotic and rich with bold colours, silk pillows, lanterns and walls with intricate detail. It is provides a warm welcome with the burning incense and low lighting.


The restaurant is over two floors with a central staircase as a showcase to move you around. We were sat on the first floor with a well stocked bar and DJ booth. The tables were low, seating was close, so not for those who have an aversion to intimacy.


The staff and customers were friendly and it genuinely felt like the kind of place to have a good time. The menu was very simple to decipher and it was easy to make our choices from the gorgeous selection. With a crisp dry bottle of white wine (well two actually), we enjoyed a start of beef carpaccio, roasted goats cheese and spring roll. All of these were as tasty as would be expected from a fine establishment like this.


For main course, Sam Vanilla opted for the Beef tangine, a dish typical of Morocco. It was delicate meatballs stewed in tomato and paprika. She was not disappointed by this traditional dish. I had the harissa chicken breast with vegetables. Helen had mixed fish grill with king prawns, Seabass and salmon on mashed potato. Both, gorgeous!

During our dinner there were various performances which included gorgeous belly dancers, ladies playing with fire (literally) and some great sounds from the DJ. Comptoir Darna, was not too far from our hotel so an easy cab ride away. This was especially important with how erratic it could get coming out in the evening with so many children begging on the streets.

Comptoir Darna
Avenue Echouhada


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