Cold-Pressed for time

With our hectic lives studying, working and looking after family, we don’t all have the time to throw a bunch of good stuff into a cold press juicer (masticating juicer) to get on the current trending train of drinking Cold Pressed Juices. In fact, do all of us even know what it is and want to make the investment (good juicer from around £180)? Cold Pressed is in, in a big way. From Hoxton Hotel in Holborn having their “House Press” to Albion in Shoreditch selling Botanic Labs Cold Pressed juice.

There are several brands out there from Pressed Juicery to Blue Print, from On Juice to Evolution Fresh. Names of blends range from Charcoal Lemonade to Good Weed (!?). We thought we would look closer to home here in the UK, at a new range to hit the market from Juiceman.


First, the science bit.
Cold Pressed juices are made by first crushing, followed by pressing the fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because the juicer (masticating juice), does not produce as much heat as other juicers, it keeps more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. Simples.

Now for the taste.
Introducing Juiceman, who pride themselves on producing 100% organic, natural and unprocessed nutrition via their bottles and shots. Both are filled with goodness and pack a punch. I tried the “Awaken Shot” with the most intense flavour of lemon, ginger and manuka honey. The effect? Well the clue is in the name. From the bottle range, I tested No 6 with apple, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, yellow beet, lemon and tumeric, all creating a memorable medley of goodness.

Cold Pressed juice is a good option as part of your healthy living. What I would say is choose wisely in terms of accessibility and value for money. Cafes/shops producing their own and UK wholesalers will always work out cheaper as they don’t have to pay taxes and import costs. By Sammijo


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