Coffee, the not so new kid on the block

The coffee revolution is afoot (or am I late to the party)? Cool cafes pop up all over the shop, such as Grind group powering through with its London domination while little bubbas like Origin, Ozone, Paper & Cup, Allpress and Hackney Coffee Co quietly own their spot in the coffee revolution. So what is the cu with coffee.


Europeans live by it as their wake up call, as we British folk love a quick brew (tea’s up). With years of Costa, Starbucks etc saying coffee is cool, the coolness is the actual part missing from these high street brands. So enter the elite Coffeeteers. Tattooed, bearded, skinny jeaned, kung fu fighting, trendy, gorgeous folk who are smoother than a milky latte. They set up in a wee space. It’s all about the minimal, not the garish colours and design we are familiar with on the high street. Grab your macbook, pout and sit in a window people watching while you savour some roasted coffee beans.


These coffee cafes provide several things. It is great solo. You don’t feel like that saddo on your lonesome as the design regularly lends its self to one man (woman) bands. It is great for meetings. Cue the startup folk who are desk renting or have no space for some creative brainstorming. Then there is just having a good coffee, with eggs benedict, steak, pasta. Yes, some have ventured into real food territory, but thats for a future post.


These Coffeeteers keep it simple because the focus is on the coffee. Some even rustle up their own stash these days. Flavours from around the world provide an aroma which could be manufactured by Haze and a taste that dances on your tongue. Coffee lovers celebrate, non-coffee lovers miss out. I am not a coffee expert, so I will say it can be intimidating. It can be like dealing with a wine Sommelier at a posh restaurant. Can I have a pinot grigio please? “Er really” their look of disapproval says. In some of these nouveau coffee places god forbid you ask for a bog standard filter coffee. Shake things up, take a risk, enjoy these fusions served in a variety of ways or quite frankly, don’t. Not all the places are like that thank god; holler to Grind and the bubbas up top who get it right. Coffee is an education because good coffee is hugely enjoyable. No technical coffee bits here I’m afraid, I just like what I like.

Grind & Co


Hackney Coffee Co



Paper & Cup



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