Clara Wine is innovation at its best. There is no need to take a straw poll to check who appreciates, likes or in fact loves wine; moreover who has a book about wine production and grapes varieties on their coffee table/bookshelf but when it comes to standing in the aisle of your local supermarket or wine stockist you end up staring somewhat blankly at the rows and rows of white, rose, red and sparkling wines in front of you. You then pick the same bottle each time and next time tell yourself I will branch out….If the above describes you or someone that you know then Clara wine is the subscription for you.

A subscription to Clara is a fast, efficient and fun way of bringing your new favourite wine straight to your doorstep. Clara’s algorithm selects the wines according to your tastes and delivers them to your door each month. We are all aware of how much the use of data now impacts on our lives and I was intrigued to understand whether Clara’s proposition that it will select wines I would love would indeed work. Clara’s methodology uses millions of data points and peer reviews to match the highest quality wines to your own individual taste and viola you open your door and there is your wine!

I was lucky enough to meet the mastermind and team behind Clara on a day when the Northern line was at a standstill and a simple cross London journey became an epic one. Within minutes of meeting the team all was forgotten as I was ushered into the launch of Clara Wine. I’m hard pressed to find a better way to spend a Friday night than with the promise of copious amounts of wine, laughter, nibbles and great company and Clara did not disappoint! espouses the idea that there are 12 Tribe which reflect taste preferences in relation to flavour, aroma and taste. The Tribes are split into four white, four red, three sparkling and one rogue Tribe for those who refuse to fit into any clearly defined group. After taking the quick taste quiz it became clear that I fall into three, potentially four tribes including Velveteer, Sleekster, Fizzler and Snapper. Typical me, happy to try a bit of everything. The quiz is a great way to streamline and further show you individually how you score against each Wine Tribe and to aid your deeper understand of your tastes. I recommend you try it and see; it’s an eye opener to learn more about your personal tastes and what kind of wines appeal to your palate.

With 29 wines available to be tasted that night ,I was able to try a number of sparkling, red and white wines. The wines featured in the Tribes where I was scored highly by the algorithm were delicious and typically the wines I enjoy such as a Shiraz, Malbec or Vinho Verde. However, when trying the wines falling into less popular Tribes for my palate there was less interest. Salvatore, an experienced sommelier from the RAC Club was also present and explained more about the wines tasted and was a great counterfoil to test the use of data against a more traditional method of wine tasting.

Clara opens up a new medium for one to enjoy wine; you are able to embark on a journey to discover, grow, develop and refine your love of wine all in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, through their gift subscriptions you can give the gift of wine and discovery to friends and family alike. Sign up and be prepared to savour, appreciate and relish!
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Hi, I am Fiyin, Senior Writer. Global traveler, fan of the great outdoors, reader of books, lover of wine and good food.