Citizen M – an oasis of calm cocktailing in London Bridge

So, Citizen M are due to land and live near to where I live in Shoreditch, so it was only fair that I come and check this joint out to see if its worthy of such a special location. There is no shortage of hotels and their wee bars in the area. The Hoxton deserves major props for its fireplace. A must in the winter if you can fight off the competition. Ace Hotel, whilst super trendy has some good ass DJ’s who entertain the Shoreditchiens. If you have you the pleasure of being a Shoreditch House member, then nuff said, you know how fab their flow is.

Anyway, make space, because there is still a lot of hoteling yet to happen in the Shoreditch area apparently. Anyways, back to London Bridge. So along Southwark Street it’s a weird mix of mostly lunch time places and chains. Drake & Morgan’s Refinery stands proud under the Blue Fin Building as the drinks spot to stand the test of time and competition.


Just a little off Southwark, I guess what Citizen M brings to the table is the alternative to the noise and hectic experience of Refinery. It is chilled and more stylish. With a grown up crowd who know how to behave. It is more expensive of course, to keep out the riff raff. This is a great bar if you are staying in the hotel, which is rare because hotel guests normally steer clear.

As a non-resident visitor, you get to enjoy plush surroundings in this lounge space. Little sections for making your home with your group or cute tables that can suit two.


The staff are good, as you would expect from a hotel as they are not just influencing the experience of a random drinking visitor, you could be a guest spending mega dollars on a room. The drinks knowledge did not go far beyond that of the cocktail list, but the choice on the menu was good. I settled for a Honey Manhattan. For me Manhattans are normally quite bitter, so I was intrigued to feel the sweetness of this infusion. I was impressed. It was spot on. Pranvera had a full bodied red wine.

Citizen M, in its immediate location, has no real competition. It fills the gap between the pubs and Refinery. It is really a place for if you feel like a mid-tempo experience. For me, I love the little tables for two in the middle bit as they have a power point and can double up as your working spot. Perfect for writing for my blog :).
Citizen M
20 Lavington Street


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