Cinnamon Kitchen, Bishopsgate

I seem to have taste of things all clustered together. First there was Benares in Madrid which has michelin star connections and is well known and respected in London for not only its food but its super star Chef. Now, I find myself at Cinnamon Kitchen, whilst without such high accolade, is sister restaurant to the celebrated Cinnamon Club known as a bit of an Indian cuisine institution.
Myself and Sam Vanilla opted to go for the early dinner star deal from bookatable which is proving to be a bit of a tradition for us. These deals are great and expose you to some establishments that you may not go to if you were paying the full whack.
Expectedly quiet for the early seating, its low lighting and warm rustic colours ensured you didn’t feel like the only guests in the place. There was a warmth and exoticness which made you feel comfy.
Now restaurants have a love/hate relationship with things like star deals. The purpose is to get people in for the early and late sittings so they can top up on the revenue, but at the same time they can sometimes turn their nose up when you come in for, probably thinking you are a peasant for not paying full price. At the end of the day, remember this, you are doing them a favour. When you think of the costs to have the staff waiting there, the kitchen at the ready, the utilities to power the place etc, your pennies help cover the costs.
Our menu included a cocktail and three courses at £30. From the starters we went for bombay street food which did not come with much of a description either on the menu or from our waitress. We managed to figure out it included dabeli (a spicy snack with potato and masala), chickpea cake and papdi chaat which was chick peas, boiled potatoes, yoghurt and taramind chutney. I went for the chargrilled pork ribs with chilli and honey glaze. It was suitably sweet and I will say, the meat fell of the bone. For our main course, we had a sharing platter which had lamb kebab (served medium rare so you are aware), massive grilled king prawns, chicken tikka and tandoori cod fillets. This was partnered with a side of rice and tarka dhal for sauce – much needed as it was quite a dry sauce. At first I wasn’t sure there would be enough for the two of us, but it was very filling and a really good call for people to try a selection of items.

The cocktail to start was a cinnamon bellini, which was my fill for the drinks part of this. Sam Vanilla went on to have the espresso martini, twice. Desserts formed part of the set menu. I went for the dark chocolate mousse with white chocolate crumble and milk chocolate ice cream. Sam avoided the desserts like the plague as she was mad full.

Cinnamon Kitchen
9 Devonshire Square
London EC2M 4YL


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