Chotto Matte, Soho

I have longed for a visit to Chotto Matte. From the first time they liked an instagram picture of mine, a love affair began with me perving over their posts. Their fusion food looked awesome.

Having attempted to arrange an evening here with friends on several occasions, I finally took a leap and popped in one lunch when I was in the area. I arrived after 2pm on a Monday, so it was quiet as expected. This spot feels like it is much better as a night time place, unless it is busy. But that said, the food should speak for itself and get you in the door. Let’s say the service, however, did not inspire. On arrival, for a table of one which is not uncommon these days, I received a warmish welcome from a Manager. The waiter was little bit lack lustre, making it quite clear he was living for his break.

The food whilst I recall being it beautiful and inspiring on the instagram feed, did not seem to translate well in its written form. I thought I would keep it simple and order tuna and salmon sashimi, with a good old california roll. Now these are the stable dishes of anyone offering sushi, so it should be impossible to get it wrong. I would not say they got it wrong, but I have had better. The salmon was a little bit veiny and not so nice to the chew. The california roll was good though. A good portion, ripe avocado and an interesting dressing.

For my order, I included a glass of wine which never arrived. In fact, I didn’t even order it, the waiter suggested a Spanish, when I had asked for a nice Italian dry. When my food arrived, I told the commis, and he nodded in recognition, but soon forgot the whole experience as he disappeared back to the kitchen pass. I was not gagging for the wine, but why would you recklessly lose a sales opportunity on a Monday after with a less than half full restaurant?

I made my way through my food (wine-less) and observed as the evening staff reported for duty or perhaps returned from their break. They patrolled the room like soldiers, ready to pounce as soon as a glass or plate became empty. It was a bit full on. I guess they needed to look busy.

The whole experience left me a bit miffed. I had such high expectations, and the service aspect let it down. Not sure I will be back.

Chotto Matte
11 – 13 Frith Street
London W1


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