Chilli Sausage Penne

So it has been a while since I have written about something I have cooked. Normally I am so hungry, I speed through the process, so don’t have the patience to take step by step shots. I live for cooking a meal at home. You probably wouldn’t think that with all the reviews about various places I have dined at. I guess, my passion for food goes beyond just cooking it, it is seeing how others cook theirs.

I first had this particular meal Sam’s (Vanilla) home. I believe it was a Jamie Oliver recipe. It was great! I am not sure that my interpretation is true to the original recipe, as I pretty much made this up as I went along with the key ingredients as the name suggests, sausage, penne and chilli.


Firstly, I grilled the sausages (Tesco Finest Cumberland) and as they sizzled, I boiled up some penne. On my chopping board were my various additional ingredients such as chopped onions, chilli, red peppers, garlic, mushrooms and fresh parsley.

In a wok, i warmed up some olive oil and put the ingredients in bit by bit. I am sure there is a technical way of doing this, but I put the peppers first, followed by the garlic, chilli and onions. Mushrooms went in just before last. Once everything was strewed nicely together, I left it on a low eat whilst I drained the penne. For me, penne has to be al dente, not a fan of it soft and soggy. Having chopped up the browned off susages, I first added the penne and fresh parsley to the wok. I also add paprika for an extra bite. Mixing it all up as I added the sausage pieces, the season finale was a bit of salt and pepper.


Once plated, you can add some parmesan or warm up a bit of ciabatta on the side. Some may find this a dry dish, but I love it as a quick option when time is minimal but appetite is bountiful.


Penne, Sausages, Red Peppers, Chilli, Garlic, Onions, Fresh Parslay, Paprika, Salt, Pepper and Parmesan.


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