Champagne + Fromage, Greenwich

Champagne + Fromage is quintessentially a champagne, cheese and charcuterie lovers’ dream. It is a recipe for success accompanied by a light and airy soundtrack of piano music. Located just around the corner from Greenwich market and across the road from the Cutty Sark; this little gem of a restaurant is a perfect spot for friends to come together or to enjoy the cosy atmosphere on date night. Once through the door you are able to experiment, enjoy and indulge your cheese and charcuterie passions to excess.

The central premise here is why does champagne work so well with cheese? If you aren’t already aware you soon will be of the well known fact that champagne is a delightful compliment to all cheeses. Champagne + Fromage tantalises the taste buds by showing you that champagne is light enough not to overpower delicate goats’ cheese, but also has enough acidity and freshness to cut through the deeply savoury, more flavoursome cheeses such as blue or washed-rind cheeses.

Once inside; decadent but affordable let the delicate china plates filled with charcuterie and cheese transport you to a world of wonder. Wooden boards showcase the cheeses and charcuterie selection artistically accompanied with grapes, dried apricots and quince jam which all serve to highlight the depth and variety of the cheeses. Our cheese board consisted of hard, blue, goat’s, soft and creamy and washed rind cheeses from the Loire valley to Alsace. In addition to a varied selection of Corsican and Lyon cured meats, salami, Alpine saucisson, tapenade and light airy bread. The champagne tasting flight allows you to enhance the taste of the cheeses against a bubbly background. We tried three differing styles of champagne including Colin, Michael Furdyna and Pretois-Moriset (pink). Each is very drinkable alone but a success with the specific cheeses.

Mention must be made of the desserts on offer; I tried the five small macaroons. As a big fan of these delights they were a must try for me and I wasn’t disappointed. Flavours included chocolate, raspberry, lemon, pistachio and vanilla. Safe to say it’s hard to pick a favorite when such care is taken to make each one delectable.

Of additional interest for those who fall in love with the inviting world of Champagne + Fromage is Le Shop. Their individually sourced cheeses and champagnes are available for you to take home giving you the chance to enjoy the delights of Champagne + Fromage at anytime of the day!

Champagne + Fromage
34 Greenwich Church Street
SE10 9BL
T. 020 8853 3106


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