Chaigaram, Indian specialist tea

London is undeniably beautiful in the springtime; the sun comes out to play, the flowers bloom and family, friends and colleagues gather frequently and there is no better backdrop against which to talk about Chaigaram. Chaigaram is a genuinely fantastic endeavour; a social purpose business focused on rebuilding refugees’ lives by creating employment opportunities selling Indian specialist teas across the UK.

Chaigaram’s mission statement is to provide employment and leadership opportunities within the organisation. As such Chaigaram is offering a vital lifeline to refugees by integrating them into the business as they undertake roles ranging from the blending and packaging of tea blends to the selling of hot chai at food markets across the UK.

On a personal note, I have long been a fan of chai tea so I loved the opportunity to test out the varieties of loose leaf tea blends that Chaigaram produce. Their blends include Masala (Spicy) chai, a Cardamom tea blend, a Ginger tea blend and an Indian breakfast blend. I tried the first three and the chai syrup which can be added to the teas depending on your personal preference. As mentioned all of their teas are hand-packed and hand-blended by refugees. A personal touch which adds to the holistic impact of the teas you are drinking. Chaigaram’s chai syrup which is made from their very own Masala chai blend is delicious, rich, sweet and flavoursome. It also, I learnt has a multitude of uses covering the making of chai lattes, iced teas and even chai cocktails.

Chaigaram’s tea varieties are soothing, deep and a taste sensation. My morning cup of Masala chai was invigorated with the chai syrup. I found it spicy, fresh and fortifying, a great start to any week day morning. My personal favourite is the Ginger Chai which is extremely drinkable at any point of the day. These are two Chaigaram blends that have been added to my loose leaf tea collection and are without a doubt there to stay.

The social impact of the business is invaluable. The package allows for the standard of the tea to do the talking. This is high quality loose leaf tea and the care that goes in to its production is obvious to see. I truly hope that Chaigaram goes from strength to strength and that their teas are sampled more widely as it’s not all that usual that you come across a brand championing such a worthwhile cause.


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