Carluccios, St Christophers Place – fresh and fast Italian

Following a very rare day of shopping in the big smoke that is Oxford street. Me and my homie Valentina decided to grab a light lunch. Shopping is hungry work, it is even made worse in the centre of town as everything is soooo busy and people move soooo slowly. There is literally no speeding up the process even if you know exactly what it is that you want because you have browsers who walk like snails looking at things they will never buy, tourists mesmerized by large stores which mostly, they have in their own cities and teenagers with no cash who have no business taking up space in the stores and their changing rooms.

I was glad to take a breather. Being at the Bond Street end, you are limited on what you can eat that is decent. Up the Tottenham Court Road end there is the delicious soho with loads of great options. For Bond Street, you have St Christophers Place and James Street. Both have a varied selection of food, but my previous experience has not always been good because it is built for passing trade, so they don’t have to be anything special.

For the second time during my writing experience, we decided upon a chain venue. Yes, we went to Carluccios. And in the grand old tradition of how I dine, (see Amici Miei here), I had my Italian with me.

The greeter/seater was a cheerful chap, apparently he was new and super happy to be there standing in the sun. He was a cutey too. We tried to steal an outside table, but we were second in line so had to get over it. We were quickly sat inside, which was not too bad. We know when the sun is out, many a terrace seat is snapped up and rightly so.


I had the Caprese side salad which had bufallo mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes, extra virgin oil and black olives. I also had the homemade smooth chicken pate with ciabatta bread and onion relish – so tasty, wow. Valentina went for the bruschetta with fresh ripe tomatoes, roasted papers, basil and oregano on garlicky chargrilled ciabatta. She also went for the Insalata di Mozzarella with fresh buffalo mozzarealla, red and yellow cherry tomatores with capers, rocker, fresh herbs and extra virgin oil. She mixed it all together on one plate which worked very well. All the ingredients were fresh. To be fair they were not the kind of dishes you could get wrong as they were quite simple ingredients.

St Christophers Place
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