Carluccio’s, South Kensington

I knew Carluccio’s back in the day when I used to frequent the one on St Christopher’s Place. It was lovely fresh casual dining for Italian food. As the brand grew, you could see standards slipping – but this spot seemed to hang on to its standards. Unfortunately, as I try other branches, it is disappointing to see how lack lustre they are.

For Chelsea/Fulham, it was a No from me. The raviolo thing arrived beyond al dente, like literally not cooked at all. The filling was cold. The sauce was cold. These places give Italian food a bad name. No chain has the right to take the piss out of such fantastic cuisine.

The salad was literally so dull, watching paint dry would have fulfilled my appetite more. The only redeeming factor was the girl power waitress looking after 10 tables her selfish colleagues huddled behind the deli counter (no customers) chatting away. She kept things as under control as she could, so I forgive the dirty unoccupied tables that remained. You really expected to see this nonsense in some urban dodgy hood not here amongst the post set. No.

236 Fulham Road


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