Byron, Farringdon

A surprising new addition to the #loveburger list. You van forgive me for always saying that chains are not the best as it is proven time and time again that the quality and efficiency of the first, can seldom be duplicates amongst plenty sites. Not in the case of Byron. Whilst is not the best burger I have tasted, (take a bow Patty & Bun), it certainly is up there on your Burger diary travels.

The site in Farringdon has a whole glass frontage, so lots of natural daylight. The building has character which is rare for these type of brands. The atmosphere is buzzy as you would expect with the local creatives and designers.

It’s a very snippy place, with a quick greeting, being sat as soon as a table is available and service which whizzes by you. This is not in a bad way. Most folk are on a lunch break of sorts, so cannot have the leisurely lunch which they would prefer. It shows the kitchen know what they are doing when the food arrives in no time at all, but still tastes fresh and great. We opted for a Byron chilli burger, a normal burger with cheese and went naked (not literally), with blue cheese.  We piled on the sides with coleslaw, sweet potato fries and macaroni cheese. We learnt a very important lesson which is that it was way too much, but the other lesson we learned was that Byron is not a bad stop to fulfil our local burger love. Good prices also make it appealing. Only gripe would be that my blue cheese could have been a bit more melted, but that’s not a biggy in the grand scheme of things. Great burger spot!

26 Cowcross Street
London EC1M 6DQ


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