Bill’s, Hoxton

Bill’s strapline is ‘good food fast’. I cannot disagree to be honest. Especially, when you visit the one on Hoxton Square for brunch which seemed to an idea a lot of people shared. Even in the cold, there were folk sitting outside, just to get their brunch on. Bill’s was busy inside, the flow of clearing, cleaning and re-setting tables showed that, as there was a slight delay in that area. You can’t be made at them though, the Hoxton guest can be high maintenance.

When we were sat down, a cloth was wiped on our table and mis en place delivered quite quickly. The staff were surprisingly in good spirits under the busy circumstances. Whilst there was no lingering the table with a bit of chit chat, they were attentive enough, just.

On a Sunday, my dining needs are very simple. I want a good portion of food, fast. I am not one to linger with a laptop, papers, etc. I tend to want to head home or to a quiet cafe. Once I have eaten, being around food slightly nauseates me. I am that person that when I ask for the bill, I have mentally left, so please do not drag the paying process out. They were prompt with the bill, so gracias.

For our Sunday session at Bills, we had complete opposites when it came to food. My dining companion hung on to dear life to the morning with an order of brunchy steak, eggs and chips. I was moving towards late afternoon, early lunch with an order of duck on a bed of asparagus.

1 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU


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