When you do a google of Bendita Helena in Barcelona, most of the reviews come up with a common theme, healthy and friendly.

Bendita means blessed and you truly are if you happen upon this place. From its minimalist raw interior, to its laid back content staff, from its no nonsense flexitarian food to its value for money set menu under 11 euros – whats not to like.
I instantly felt at home. I wasn’t at all put off by the missing meat from the menu. It is mainly vegetarian, with a dash of vegan but not as we know it. Bold flavours and hearty portions leave you feeling like you have had your meat and two veg. This does not fit the unfair stereotype of a few leaves and seeds on a plate. Instead we have inventive well thought out dishes. The Chef has definitely done his homework.
Suitably, a crowd of laid back trendy types pop by for food, herb teas and even a glass of organic wine for those fancy a tipple. The menu is simple. One A5 page with daily changing dishes. 3 per course, go for 2 courses or 3.

Never being one for desserts, I went for the two course as I was drawn to the confidence of the place. We started with a mushroom and dill soup with basil hummus and mini pitta bread. For main course, whilst they were essentially salads, don’t be fooled by their lightness. Asparagus, peas, mushroom and ricotta, pesto with bread for Danielle and I had haricot beans, new potato, kale, coriander, crumbled feta with what seemed like a hint of mint. To say it was lush would be an understatement. To say it was way too much for a lunch would be a fact. Blown away by the wholesomeness of this food and still in shock on having a meat free lunch. It can be done!
Also, a nice little touch is that if you are so full up and cannot eat it all, they give you cute little take away boxes with ‘I am blessed’ on it. A lovely thought.

This is a wholehearted yes from me. Worthy of a visit for any Barcelona city visitor. It may not be on the Ramblas but it is worth a little trek out of the centre to barrio Sants. 10/10.

Bendita Helena
Galileu 261

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August 7, 2017