Bella Vita, Broadway Market

This is the second time i have been to this little Italian on broadway market. The first time was back when my blogging career had begun and the picture that was taken of me wolfing down food became my profile pic on here and across a lot of my social media presence.
When I returned, it was an equally lovely sunny day as the first time I went but not luck getting a seat outside this time. No bother, the windows were open and it was much more cooler inside. I suspect this was because it was a bank holiday, but there were a lot of family parties as well as crying babies. Not the best soundtrack to your dining experience, but the food is so lush – you can forgive the selfish parents inflicting their flock on us (joking).

So, sitting by the window we waited to order our feast. I knew what I was having. It is in my cook & pour profile pic on my website. The big ass king prawns in a rick and tasty tomato sauce which tastes nothing like the store bought tinned stuff. I also had a side salad of rocket with parmesan flakes. My flatmate had the moules mariniere and she looked like she enjoyed it. Mussels in a creamy, white wine sauce is apparently a favourite of a few of my friends who dig this shell stuff. I myself am not keen. For some reason I just don’t like mussels. This from a person who worked for a mussels restaurant group for 5 years. That and cockles does not tickle my fancy. I do all the other shell fish, crab langoustine, lobster – yes absolutely lobsters.

Bella Vita is great because it is quick. There is not waiting around to be served, the young team are on it. Our waitress did have a wee English problem, but we got the message through and managed to place our order. As we were starving, we were delighted to receive it pretty quickly. A little advice here, don’t wear white when you have the prawns in the tomato sauce. With all the care in the world taken, I still managed to get a nice spec of red on me like some barbarian.

Now I have been introduced to the launchpad for my blog, I will definitely be back here to enjoy the food which really made a change to my life.

Bella Vita
53 – 57 Broadway Market
London E8 4PH
@bellavitalondon (t)
@bellavitabroadway (i)


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