Beef & Lobster, Dublin

Beef & Lobster in Dublin is not to be confused with the well known Burger & Lobster joints in London. There are however, a lot of similarities. They both do lobster and one beef based other ingredient,  which I guess makes for a very easy menu selection. They have the interesting silver trays with paper on them heavily branded with logo’s. Their logo have similar fonts. The dishes are served in the same way. As I don’t know who came first, I cannot comment who is the innovator and who is the imitator. Either way, as I have a love of lobsters, during a recent visit to Dublin it had to be on my list to visit.

Dublin city centre I small enough to wonder around and discover all types of food. If you grab a hotel in Temple Bar, like The Morgan Hotel, it is easy and convenient to have a good and long evening out with ease of knowing you do not have far to go before you are safely tucked up in bed.

Beef & Lobster on Parliament Hill was a solid option, with quick service and good food. In terms of pricing, Dublin is expensive, fact. So, yes, for the size of the lobster, it was on par if not more than London. The beef that my guests had was plentiful. Decent portions which unfortunately can be quite tough to finish. Beef is a full on one. You need to have the tummy space to accommodate it, or you have a uncomfortable evening ahead. I guess that is why I prefer the ‘burger’ option, as its a patty of meat and seasoning, which is much easier to digest. That said, whilst my guests could not polish off the entire thing, they said it was good.

For the fact that Burger & Lobster have not shown up here yet, this place gets a vote. However, the meatiness of the Londinuim offering is much more, garlic sauce tastier and pricing wise, its easier on the pocket. For now, enjoy Beef & Lobster, as a simple fast option for your beef and lobster needs.

Beef & Lobster
40 Parliament Street
Dublin 2


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