When you see a burger appear on numerous ‘best of’ lists, you know that is an invitation which cannot be ignored. Whilst I am not an authority on what makes a burger great for the masses, I certainly know what I like. For years now, Patty & Bun has blown all other burgers since that moment I got introduced to Ari Gold on James Street.

Since then Patty & Bun has cheekily moved closer to where I live in Hoxton with two branches right next to Liverpool Street station and on Boundary Street. If that was not enough, they make it too easy for me being available on Deliveroo. Stop! My waste line cannot take it.

As the last of the Summer disappeared into a haze of rain, we ventured down to Hyde Park for the last festival of the season. BBC 2 Radio with Take That headlining. This was the time to venture south of the park to the infamous Bar Boulod. As you would expect being in the Mandarin Oriental, it was a it posh. Not offensively, looks of shock and horror thrown our way, just a well to do crowd with designer bags and clothes. All just going about their business.

So it was time to place our order and see what the fuss was all about. My dining companion Sam Vanilla, went for the Yankee 17 with the standard patty, iceberg, tomato, onion and pickle. I wanted to shake somethings up, so went for the BB24 which was beef patty, foie gras, short ribs, horseradish mayo, confit tomato and black onion. Talk about taking it to the bridge. I know it was quite an indulgent offer, but this is not available on most Burger places lists, so it had to be done. I can get why people would come here and order burgers. The setting is right, the service is on point and the burger themselves are pretty good. There was just something that prevented it from eclipsing my good ‘ole Patty & Bun. This however, was very much firmly placed in my No 2 spot and would go there again. I guess what this place offers is more decadent and interesting burger choices, with one even having confit pork belly….

The pricing is not bad for a Knightsbridge restaurant in a 5 star hotel. It is very much a special occasion stop-off. Or if one day you feel particularly flash and want to spoil yourself, go for it.

On the drinks front, they had just opened the biggest bottle of red wine I had ever seen. The last of some supply. They had let us taste a bit and subtly suggested that it would go well with our wines. Sam V went for it, as did I, but I don’t why, but red wine just makes me feel ill. I cannot drink it no matter how great it may be. This is particularly strange as once upon a time, Rioja, Pinot Noir, Amarone and Chianti used to be my tipple. But all of a sudden, my taste buds just changed and said no. I struggled on, but Sam V absolutely loved it so there you go. It was from producer Cap De Faugeres, a Bordeaux red blend, best described as a fresh and vibrant red. Again, I am no expert.

Bar Boulud
66 Knightsbridge

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October 6, 2017