Bach, Broadway Market

Am I anti-hipster, anti-cool? I may be. This is probably not part and parcel with living in Hoxton. I have a front row seat to the regeneration and gentrification of the area. Watching as the social and council tenants are moved out of the area and their concrete blocks are turned to rubble making way for red brick mini modern flats – priced out of their return. It is what I have seen. Just google Colville Estate now and then come back to look in two years time.

I am neither hip nor cool, I am here mostly for convenience. I have a great deal from a friend who owns a place and it’s convenient for my commute. That said, in order to keep my dining, drinking and the odd partying in close proximity to get home, I am regularly drawn towards Hoxton, Shoreditch and of course, Broadway Market. This may be even more of a destination now that a friend has set up home in the area.

It was a Sunday, we were hungry and the decision was to meet in Broadway Market. The funniest thing happened. I walked past a place called Bach and thought, nope, I will not pay an extortionate amount for eggs and an avocado, so I walked on. There is a huge influx of the #avocado and sour dough bread’ brigade. Commanding prices for something which is no more than £2 a person. Not wishing to go through the time wasting of taking a half an hour to throw ideas around and agree on something, I decided to bite the bullet. I went in to grab a table for us and when she arrived, I was transparent and told her about my initial reaction to the place. ‘You will love it’ she said. What exactly would I love about this place? It was intriguing to find out.

We sat at a table for two, a little cramped with a couple on one side and then the service walkway on the other with zig zagging staff. It’s a small space, so I guess you have to fill it up to get your moneys worth out of the square footage. Ok, I am going to stop being judgy and grade it according to merit as opposed to my preconceived idea on places like this. The service was really friendly and casual. For a Sunday vibe, it was just what you wanted. The menu is small, which again is great, as on a Sunday morning no one is normally feeling lazy as well as hungry, hence a trip to the local brekkie haunt. As avocado is a thing and I happen to like it, I went for an order of chilli scrambled eggs with avocado on sour dough bread. The dish of a new cool generation (not including me). My dining companion went for chilli scrambled eggs with some grilled halloumi cheese which looked lush. The portion was good, not too much, not too little. The eggs were delicately scrambled to the right kind of consistency. And the chilli was not too intense. It’s always nice to have a ripe avocado and I struck lucky here. Yum and sour dough bread, a big time favourite of mine – for years I might add. We washed it down with some water and a strong cafe latte.

As a local spot, it’s lovely. Locals with their dogs (I do love a dog friendly place), chat away about their weekend exploits as well as the pending doom and gloom of a Monday morning. I have to say I like it. I didn’t feel out of place at all, it is certainly not one of those ‘we are too cool’ for you kind of places. I get it, there is a demand for this concept and it’s menu, so you either have to get on board or miss out on teh business. They do it well, with the right balance of cool, calm and collected.

12 Broadway Market
E8 4QJ


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