Antibes, Nice

Antibes, a short distance from Nice is definitely one to include on the list for your South of France tour. Yes, people may automatically remember Nice, Cannes, Montpellier and Marseille, but there is a richness of little villages and towns that are just as interesting and beautiful to visit, if not more beautiful. I guess it depends on what you want. As someone from a city, I welcome the contrast of something a little bit more rural and laid back. Antibes was one of those place.
Firstly, it is not completely unknown to outsiders. It is in fact a hideaway for the rich who want a break from the intense visibility of being in Cannes etc. In fact, some famous folk have villas there and super boats docked at the bay. On our arrival our first port of call was the Le Marche Provencal, a market full of glorious meats, sauces, fruit, vegetables and a ridiculous amount of good looking food. If you are not a Chef, this inspires you to want to cook. If you are a foodie with some skill in the kitchen, you will wish you can buy everything and smuggle it through the airport.
There is no shortage of museums, in particular one that pays tribute to Picasso. In the centre, up high overlooking the crystal blue sea the formerly names Chateau Grimaldi stands proud. Apparently built upon the foundations of an ancient Greek town, or a Roman fort depending what guides you read, the Museum has works personally donated by Picasso. It would make sense he do this, as this very spot was his home for some time and today, there are over 245 works by Picasso.
Keeping along the lines of museums, there is an Absinthe Museum – not quite my cup of tea, but worth a visit if it is your bag. For the outdoor types who appreciate natural beauty, Antibes has a couple of gorgeous parks namely Exflora Park and Eilenroc Gardens which is excellent for a Summer stroll. As a visitor, you may not get to see the rich and famous unless you book a night at the historical Hotel du Cap-Eden which has an enviable guestbook.


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