A trip around Spain with your taste buds

One of the things I love most about London is the absence of boundaries when it comes to food. Simply closing your eyes and using your taste buds you can wander around the world with no tickets and the burden of a luggage.

Spain is definitely one of my fav countries to visit and whenever I feel the need to graze on the culture, Tramontana Brindisa is my “Buen Retiro” in London with its Spanish Mediterranean cuisine with influences from north of Catalonia to the Balearics with a stylish and vibrant twist.

The staff are relaxed, young and easy going; Chefs call loud orders and service in their Spanish tongue from the open kitchen and the bar is vibrant . You can choose to sit at the bar and kitchen counter, in the restaurant or in the the garden in the Summer months.

Although the best tapas I had was also the simplest thing on offer, Tramontana Brindisa is more than traditional chorizo, jamon and farmhouse cheeses plates – which surely I adore too .


Pan de COCA y tomate, is one of my favourite things in the world since I tried the first time at Tramontana.
Crispy and golden sourdough is served naked with all the necessary ingredients (strictly decomposed) : virgin oil, fresh whole tomato, salt and garlic clove for you to brush on it with your own hands. De-li-ci-ous!


…and if you ask me what comes on my mind anytime you mention TRAMONTANA….the answer would always be FI-DE-UA de Sepia, a shred short pasta with a mixture of cuttlefish and prawns cooked on rockfish stock and topped with some AIOLI sauce, served on its own little iron pan.
Slightly crispy on top, expect the waitress to mix and moisture up for you on the table just before you can start to enjoy it.

The choice from the vast menu is always hard but never wrong. By Valentina.

Tramontana is part of a group with restaurants in London Bridge, Soho and South Kensington.

Tramontana Brindisa
153 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3AT
T. 020 7749 9961
E. reservations@tramontanabrindisa.com
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